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Over the years of doing this helmet project, I have received numerous requests by others to use my templates. I was very hesitant about who I gave it out to in the past. I got to thinking that these are no secret and can be obtained over the internet. So I decided to make available some of the helmets I have.

As you can see, the same template I use here on this site is available to download. I altered the original graphics to make my own templates that serve my purposes of making the helmets on this site. The Adobe Illustrator versions of these available files are the way I downloaded them. They have not been altered by me at all.


Helmet Templates


The helmet templates come in 3 different styles. I have these in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro and Paint formats. That is, .ai, .psd, and .bmp for those of you who are wondering. The .psd version of these files are fully compatible with either Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. The Illustrator versions have been saved down to version 10.


Here are the three styles of helmets and a graphic depicting what they look like. As you can see, the Revolution helmet comes in two styles. The standard and EGOP helmets are 1185 x 898 pixels in size for both Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro and Paint. Revolution helmet 1 is 1170 x 1132 in size, Revolution helmet 2 is 1179 x 1094 (for the side view) and Revolution helmet 3 is 1176 x 1088. I wanted to make them large enough so it would be easier to see what you are doing. When time permits, there will also be front and back views of the Standard and EGOP helmets.


I haven't included any instructions with these, but basically all you need to do is color the layers named "Facemask" and "Helmet Shell" for all but the Paint versions. The templates you see are what you will get, except for the Paint versions, which I left all white so it will be easier to color them the way you want.


Please be advised that due to the angle of "Revolution Style Helmet 1", I have yet to figure out a way to properly angle the logos in the Photoshop version. If anyone figures it out, please let me know. Also, I have numerous striping styles included in the "Revolution Style Helmet 1" for both Illustrator and Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro versions. I have not made stripes for the other helmets as of yet. I will post an update when I do.


If you have any questions or problems with these templates, email me and I will try to answer them the best I can.


Thanks and enjoy!



Standard Style Helmet



Downloads Available:


 Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint

EGOP Style Helmet



Downloads Available:


Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint


Revolution Style Helmet 1



Downloads Available:


 Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint


Revolution Style Helmet 3



Downloads Available:


 Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint


Revolution Style Helmet 2



Downloads Available:


 Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint


Uniform Templates

The uniform templates below are ones that are used a lot at a message board I visit. Many people use them to create their own concepts of what they would want a uniform to look like. I am no exception as I have created a handful of concept uniforms, the most recent being a concept for a new school in the Kansas City area, Staley HS. Click here to view my Staley Falcons uniform and helmet concept that I submitted to their Athletic Director. I have also created a small handful of real uniforms for some Missouri high schools to show what their uniforms looked like during a certain year (most are from 2005).

The uniforms are a part of The Missouri HS Helmet Project, along with the helmets, however, I rarely get requests to do them. I'm usually more busy doing helmets that I don't normally have the time anyway. The uniforms are much more complicated to do than the helmets, which, in turn, they take longer to make.

I did not create any of this template. It was done by someone else, however, it was my idea to add the head and arms to the original template. I basically tried to combine two templates and make them into one. I handed over what I did to someone else, who made it into what you see below. I did add a head and arms to the side view to make it complete. Someone gave me the files for them in early 2007 and I just now got around to adding them.

The reason for two front views is because the collars are different on them. Nothing else is different about them, otherwise. I should also add that the Paint versions have no shading on the uniforms. It is much easier to work without the shading in this program. If you use Paint and want the shading, let me know.

In playing around with the template, I decided to add some long sleeves, which are included in all versions. For the Illustrator and Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro versions, you just click on the sleeve layer and the sleeve shading layers and boost the "opacity" to 100%. For Paint, I have included a version with long sleeves and one without. If you find any problems with them, let me know so I can fix them.

The Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro and Paint versions are all approximately 795 (w) x 2070 (h) pixels. I hope these are large enough for people who use these programs. If you need a larger size, let me know what program you use and the size you need.

These templates work basically the same as the helmets do. There is just a lot more to them.

I hope you enjoy them and if you have any problems or questions, email me and I'll try to answer them the best I can.

Thank you and enjoy!




Uniform Template



Downloads Available:


 Illustrator   SVG   Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro    Paint Long Sleeve Version   Paint Short Sleeve Version